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All our linens are made for everyday use and are machine washable. We recommend washing them with cold/warm water and a very mild detergent. For better results dry naturally. High heat tumble drying can weaken the fibers and shrink them. Iron will stiffen our linens, if you choose to iron use medium to high heat.

Our linens have a very fine finishing hem at the end of the fabric to keep the fringe from fraying away. They will still shed the first 2-3 times they are washed, just cut the threads same length as the original fringe.


How to remove grease

Dish soap is very good at cutting through grease on fabrics. As a pre-treatment, apply a few drops of liquid dish soap to the stain and let it soak in, rubbing gently with fingers, a clean, soft brush, or a clean cloth will help remove it.


How to remove wine stains

As soon as you stain your fabric with red wine, blot as much as you can with paper or towel, and then cover the entire stain with salt until you can’t see the red wine stain anymore. Let the salt soak into the wet stain and then dry. As the salt dries it should sock up the stain. Then wash.


How to remove red sauce stains

Remove the excessive sauce with paper towel and then use dish soap, ice and white vinegar. Apply dish detergent or basic soap to the stain then place an ice cube and rub in circles. If the stain is not fully out, then blot the stain with vinegar and clean cloth.


Vintage Items

All our vintage items are dry clean only