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The Concept

Arilloom (air-il-loom) is a play on the word heirloom.  Our uniquely crafted pieces are meant to be enjoyed everyday and treasured forever.  

Arilloom takes its inspiration from the natural world and the artistry of women weavers. The word aril, the textured, protective seed-covering found inside a pomegranate - a fruit that symbolizes life, natural beauty and growth.  The word loom represents the time-honored, individually handcrafted technique used to make our products.

Together, Arilloom weaves creation, sustenance, artistry, and tradition - all which work to cultivate and preserve communities at home and in the world.

Arilloom products are designed in Brooklyn, and hand crafted by women artisan groups in northern Albania. 

Helping to preserve the tradition and cultural transmission of distinct weaving practices for future generations of women makers, as a source of creative and economic empowerment, is a vital part of Arilloom’s mission and values.

Ancient Weaving Techniques

Arilloom’s textiles are hand-loomed using an ancient and intricate weaving process called Harkat - a tradition that is unique to northern Albania. 

The Harkat technique is what brings about the elegance and beauty from the natural fibers, creating a true contrasting effect in tone and multi-dimensional style - allowing for a playful and innovative spin on timeless designs. All tablecloths feature a center seam embroidery stitch that creates a stunning visual statement on any table. These traits are the hallmark of Arilloom’s unique designs that reveal the exceptional craft artistry behind every product.

Modern sophistication  matched with the finest quality sourced raw materials makes Arilloom an eye-catching compliment for any table and resilient enough for everyday use.


Filigree, an intricate form of metal work, is a time honored tradition and proficient craft in Albanian culture.  The word Filigree originates from the Latin “filum” (thread) and “granum” (grain) indicating the unique delicacy of ornamental wire shaping and beading within.  Arilloom filigree napkin rings hark back to tradition and craftsmanship while bringing sophistication to the forefront of dining.

Founder ~ Rezi Fradkin

The textile industry has long been a part of my work and life.  For more than a decade, I was in fashion first as a merchandiser and then as a consultant about how to improve garment quality. Yet, the last thing I pictured my future self doing was launching a business that ties together my intimate knowledge about textiles and my cultural heritage and traditions - yet here I am - and this is Arilloom.